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TII - Frequently Asked Questions


  • Q.1. What is TendersIndia.info?
  • Q. 2. What services are offered by TendersIndia.info?
  • Q.3. Can all TendersIndia.info members access Tenders at Tender Notification Portal?
  • Q.4. What are the subscription type available for subscription in TendersIndia.info?
  • Q.5 What details of the tender do you provide? How can I see a Sample Tender information?
  • Q.6. What is the source of tenders notifications and leads?
  • Q.7. How do I search tender notification at TendersIndia.info?
  • Q.8. What are the Payment /Subscription charges for TendersIndia.info? Do i need to pay click cost even if i subscribe for monthly/annual basis?
  • Q.9. What payment is required by TendersIndia.info?
  • Q.10. How will I be charged?
  • Q.11. What is the cost of each tender information?
  • Q.12. How will I know about account balance?
  • Q.13. Whether any free trial is offered for accessing the utility of subscribing to TendersIndia.info?
  • Q.14. What is a Keyword?
  • Q.15. Do you provide tender documents?
  • Q. 16 How can I view the details of tenders?
  • Q. 17 How do I update my Membership Information and change my Password?
  • Q. 18. I am a first time visitor, how do I search all India government and public sector requests for tenders of my interest?
  • Q. 19. Do you also provide information on international tender notices?
  • Q. 20. I forgot my username / Password. How do I retrieve it?
  • Q.21. Why am I not being able to sign in?
  • Q.22. Why am I not receiving mail in my mailbox ?
  • IMPORTANT NOTE : - Click Based User
    Please Note there may be duplication of tenders in the database because of the different resources of tenders. So, Please be aware of this before clicking on tenders details. However if you clicked on a duplicate tender detail please send an email to us mentioning the ref. no. so that we can issue you credit for the same.